My name is Doriane, I’m a French graphic designer with a print specialisation. I am a creative person. My goal is to focus on recurring  and serious topics such science, history, ecology… in a light way, to get ambivalent person interested. I have a playful approach, it help me to create dynamic visual. In my practice I have an artistic sensitivity. So together, your ideas will come to life!

academic career

Master visual design, Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milano, Italy, 2022-2023 

DSAA graphic design (a 4 years higher degree in applied arts), La Martinière Diderot, Lyon, France, 2020-2022

BTS graphic design (2 year degree in applied arts with a print specialization), Estienne, Paris, France, 2018-2020



competition of innovation with INSAA 

INSAA is an engineering school  

two-day innovation teamwork, 2021